2 august

The restaurant "El Cenador de Amós" (Cantabria) has obtained its 3rd Michelin Star, an award that recognizes the work and effort of Chef Jesús Sánchez throughout a lifetime on the stove, the Alma Mater of the project. The artist's creativity is embodied on his dishes, as if it were a canvas.

Jesús Sánchez, Navarre-born and Cantabrian of adoption, has the soul of a cook and the hands of an artist. Since 1993, he is owner, along with Marian Martínez, and cook of the restaurant "El Cenador de Amós" in Villaverde de Pontones. He has managed to place this small Cantabrian town of just 350 inhabitants, on the international culinary map. This is certified by its 3 stars in the Michelin guide and the 3 Repsol Suns. Both distinctions award his project.

His cuisine is the cuisine of the Cantabrian Sea. His wealth of knowledge, his innate curiosity, his creativity, have made him an alchemist of the stove, achieving an experience that settles in the territory of Cantabria and feeds on the memory that makes up the resources and the expression lines of the chef.

A memory that speaks of his origin, the Navarra orchard, his training in Basque and French cuisine, and his curiosity make him go through continuous training and project that knowledge in his proposals.

His personality full of nuances makes him a fun, committed and sincere person, faithful to his principles and consistent in his decisions. Thanks to other aspects of his professional career he has become a collaborator in numerous communication spaces and has developed a facet as an advisor in culinary and hospitality aspects and speaker in team leadership forums.

In 2019, he launches an unprecedented event. Santander Foodie brings together an amateur audience, opinion leaders, chefs, producers and related companies that gather in a contest the inquisitiveness, the desire to learn and share, the environment of social networks ... which means a platform for gastronomy in the world.

Jesús Sánchez is living his best professional time; the specialized press defines him as “one of the strongest references of Spanish haute cuisine who is at the height of his career".

Jesus Sanchez

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