Ana Belén / Vida (Life)
Wednesday 14 August at 21:30h
Patio de la Tonelería


Well honoured actress, singer, director ... with multiple awards; two nominations and a Latin Grammy for musical excellence. With more than twenty solo albums and many other compilation, collaboration or live albums. Ana Belén is all that and much more, a symbol of Spanish recent history, a woman who flees from the impassive comfort to venture into this "Life"("Vida") so overflowing with the courage of an incomparable artist.

Ana Belén's voice caresses the music in "Vida", her first album with unpublished songs, after 11 years: a collection of pieces of an overflowing optimism which she performs with the courage and sensitivity that distinguishes her. She is the Ana Belén of always with music of now, an equation that cannot fail. The album will be launched on 23 November, with "Esta Vida es un regalo" ("This Life is a Gift") as a first Single.

It has not been a lost time at all. During all these years since "Anatomía" (2007) Ana Belén has remained as active as ever: compilations, collaborations, duo records and even a Latin Grammy, in 2015. Also beyond music, She was awarded with a Goya de Honor in 2017. But something was bubbling inside her, a longing that had to be satisfied. In her own words, "the need to fly alone a little more".

This is how a job, for which she has surrounded herself with some of the most recent brightest talents in our country, has enlightened her Life. Performers such as Rozalén or Andrés Suárez were not artists yet at the time of Anatomy, and others such as Dani Martín and Jorge Drexler had still long progress to make. All of them compose for Ana Belén in her new album, in which they combine their songs with performers of consolidated career such as Pablo Milanés, Noa -with lyrics in entirely free adaptation from the great Joaquín Sabina- and, of course, Víctor Manuel.

"Vida" is an enriching but never incongruous or contradictory assortment. Because San José production is there to give coherence to the whole, in a study work in which the Madrilenian singer was involved in a very direct way. But above all is her voice, the voice of an Ana Belén that presents and defends her songs with courage, filtering and transmitting them to the audience, to her audience. That's why "Vida" is very much her own album, so purely Ana Belén.

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