González Byass baptised its Brandy Solera Gran Reserva with the name of Lepanto in memory of the battle of Lepanto, which took place in 1571, between the forces of the Turkish Ottoman Empire and Christian forces leaded by John of Austria, brother of King Philippe II of Spain.

Brandy's cellars: San Alvaro, San Bruno, San Benito and Bodega de Lepanto, where the best González Byass's brandies mature are known by the blackish colour of its walls and ceilings, due to evaporation of Brandy de Jerez… it is said that this is the part of brandy that angels take with them.

The spectacular "Patio de Lepanto" is next to the cellar, a courtyard of traditional arches, covered with hundred-year-old vines, floors made of river stones and the "aljibe", a water reserve used to collect water from the rain.

Plano Bodega de Lepanto


In 1939 Villa Victorina Gardens are opened, they owe their name to the founder's wife, Doña Victorina de Soto Lavaggi.

In the 19th Century, the great trading relationship with some South American countries, from which wood and other material for construction of wineries were imported, also helped to import species of trees from those countries.

The González family, great lover of nature and botanic took advantage of this trading relationship to build up this garden, where some trees such as Jacarandas, Melias, Araucarias, and a unique specimen of Dombeya can be found.

A fountain was also built in the middle of the grass and the first grass tennis court of Spain, which was inaugurated by the famous Spanish tennis player Lilí Alvárez.

Plano Bodega de los gigantes


This wine cellar was built in 1857, it has a square base, 56 stone columns and wood ceilings and it is rounded by casks which contain one of the best wines of Jerez area; Apóstoles Palo Cortado.

This cellar owes its name to the visit that Queen Isabella II of Spain made in 1862. During her visit, a grape-treading event took place and 33 casks of must were produced, which ended in a huge 16,500 litres puncheon which was baptised with the name of The Christ, due to the link between the number of casks and the age of Christ at death.

The barrels gathering around it have the names of the twelve Apostles, and they are placed in the same way that in the "Last Supper" painting by Leonardo Da Vinci, replacing the name of Judas Iscariote by Mathias.

This winery also gathers cherry-wood casks of more than 300 years old which rest on a board frame on the old system of coopers.

These casks are part of a consignment that the founder bought to the Duke of Medinaceli. When they were purchased they were already 150 years.

Plano Bodega de Los Apostoles


Bodega Los Gigantes is a spectacular wine cellar with 12 rows of 3 stone arches dated from 1859, so called because of the giant puncheons it gathered inside where wine blends were produced for exportation.

With an indoor height of more than 7 metres, this cellar is an incredible place to enjoy the best acoustic performances at TIO PEPE Festival.

Plano Bodega de los gigantes

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